“give someone a hand and they’ll take your whole arm”

So why am I here?

Many reasons… but my reason is the same and has become more solid and yes it took me years to come to this understanding.

It is because if you share your thoughts with people, 90% of the time they will have an opposing opinion, they will take it negatively, they will add something to the statement you’ve shared and make you look bad. I am not saying that all people are sh*t, but look around us.

Most people call me nice, helpful, approachable, and easy to speak with but I am putting an end to this as these qualities did not work out for me. Especially if you are a working person, people will take advantage of you if they find out that you’re capable and nice. Sometimes I wish that I was dumb so I wouldn’t be able to perceive these things.

This time, I’ll choose peace and personal space. I’d pretend that I won’t be able to help.

It is what it is right? I am now at the point where I believe I cannot vent out to anyone as no matter what my sentiment is, it’s going to be misheard, twisted, or just brushed off. For people out there experiencing the same sh*t, just put your hands inside your pockets and flip that finger.

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