This entry was in my draft for days now.

I just discovered that a colleague of mine is deliberately sending off his tasks to my inbox. I reported it to our manager and the manager said that it was already brought up to the boss before. The manager also mentioned that the boss prefers employees who are not reporting things like this as he is overseeing things and that he already knows this.  I was reminded to just do my job diligently and to just ignore this matter.

The bottom line is, I was discouraged from filing the report. That colleague of mine is a tenured one by the way- but I believe it should not entitle you to do such a thing. 

I have another job and there’s another lazy colleague there, a protected one.


I guess in the world that we live in, nothing is exactly fair. Some rules are always bent by the others yet imposed on you. It’s alright, nothing lasts forever. This will not pass, I will get over it someday.

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