this freakin Heart

Stress is part of my work but I have not observed anything new that would trigger this. Squeezing chest pain, it hurts like hell. It isn’t constant and I’ve taken a few meds that are not prescribed to me, it was for my Dad who has a heart condition. They do work but mostly temporarily, the thrusting and squeezing pain will eventually go back.

Haven’t been eating healthy food lately.

I certainly hope this isn’t the last entry. I will have myself checked soon. It’s not that I am fond of living, not that I hate it too. I still have a purpose, I am taking care of someone and I should be healthy to achieve it.

Well well, if it is the last entry, it would not matter much. I am more concerned to those who I might leave behind.

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April 30, 2024

I hope you do get checked out. That sounds painful. Living is a constant uphill battle. And you do matter.

May 4, 2024