The Waves

I am certain that you will never see this entry as you were never fond of online journals, and even if you come across this one by any chance, you still won’t know as I will make it anonymous even if it is dedicated for you.

We have been through ups and downs, you’re like a wave as you last described yourself when were still kids, I just can’t keep up with your unpredictable highs and lows anymore and compared to waves, you were never really calming.

You always want things to happen your way with very little concern to how others would feel. 

I did love you as a friend however, with all that’s going on with my life, physically & emotionally, the best flow to take is to let you go. Thanks for all the good memories, and I am now accepting all the apologies from you which will never come. May you be in a circle with people who can tolerate you.


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May 5, 2024

You know I have just gone and done the same thing as you spoke of…Its not easy…I hope you find someone who matches your energy and flows with you! 🙂

May 5, 2024

@beautfullybroken thanks! I hope so too! May we find the right people or may they find us! 🙂