Imagining What Could Be

The imagination can be a truly wonderful and intriguing place when used properly.  The imagination can transport us to places far beyond our reach, destinations we could have never envisioned, and with a little bit of time, thought, and effort, the imagination can hurl us into a world of pure bliss and ecstasy.  Sometimes dreams can transcend reality, especially when those dreams so vivid and clear. 

Serena does not know this, but sometimes I think about her in a very sexually explicit way.  She has told me many times before that she has never regarded herself as beautiful, much less anything resembling sexy.  I’ve tried to convince her otherwise, but she remains steadfast in her beliefs.  Perhaps luckily for her, not only do I see her beautiful (if not at times, visually stunning), but I have experienced many a sexual fantasy where she is the feature attraction, the unquestionable star of the show. 

I have envisioned just how soft and smooth her skin is to the touch.  She has to have the softness of the finest satin, the kind that you just can’t stop touching, not even for a few seconds.  I would explore every inch of her body with each of my fingertips, gracing the top of her head, down her face, past her chest, by her stomach, and all the way to her toes (all while ensuring to spend a lot of time and devoting attention to that special area between her amazing thighs).  I would love to envelop her with my sweet caress and let her know that I enjoy every part of her. 

We have held hands many times before.  We have caressed and played with each other’s fingers.  She even allowed me to caress her wrists and arms.  As seemingly plain as these kinds of touches might seem, to us, they mean so much.  They have allowed us to create such an intimacy, even though these touches never go beyond anything beyond hands, arms, and wrists.  She has told me that I have a soft, sensual, and soothing touch, the kind that puts her body and mind at ease.  Serena had told me that she had dreamt of what my hands would do to her entire body if given the opportunity.  The reality is that my gentle, though firm, and hands and fingers would create new sensations for her throughout her entire body. 

I’ve run my fingers through her lustrous hair as I have brought her in for many a sensual kiss.  Yes, we have kissed many times in the past and while some might refer to this as “making out”, I prefer to refer this as an “intimate bonding” of two souls, by two people longing to experience each other, through the full and passionate connection that can occur between two naked bodies, overflowing with desire and curiosity.  Her lips taste of cinnamon and sugar and always seem to long for the next kiss.  While our mouths are locked in another deep, romantic kiss, our hands never quite know what to do with themselves, though mine always seem to want to develop minds of their own and explore her back, neck, face, her shapely hips, and anywhere else my hands can reach.

We have yet to be fully intimate in the way that I have previously fantasized.  I already know what I would do to her and how I would treat her.  We have both had explicit conversations about this possibility and it seems that each time we talk about it, this kind of talk always seems to arouse us to where the tension between us continues to grow and the anticipation is allowed to build to astronomical levels. 

Serena is so beautiful to me, both physically and internally.  It is truly my fantasy to explore her depths, both inside and out, over and over and over again.  She deserves all the time, effort, and attention that I could give her.  Maybe one day, she and I will have that opportunity to explore each other and give the other the kind of pleasure for which we are both longing and of which we have been dreaming about for a long time.                      

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