Ethan at Fan Expo 2013

I’ll write a more detailed entry later but this is in a nutshell what Ethan and I along with my friend Patrick and my brother Chris did yesterday at Fan Expo:

– Arrived in Toronto at 9am.

– Had to get into a decent line to redeem a coupon for Ethan

– Got into Fan Expo @ 10am

– Spent the better part of two hours touring the floor, checking out a lot of cool stuff.

– Took a lunch break @ noon.

– 1pm attended a Q&A about Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary.

– 2:30pm went to a interview/panel with the cast of the US version of ‘Being Human’.

– 4pm went to another panel interview of the cast of ‘The Listener’.

– 7pm attended a special sneak preview of new J.J. Abram show titled Almost Human. Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy on Star Trek movies) was there to introduce the show as he’s the star of it.

Here are some awesome pictures of the day Ethan and I had at Fan Expo:

(Ethan with another fan who dressed up as Bane…)

(Ethan playing a new video game at the X-Box One station)

(He was playing that new Disney game, titled Infinity.)

(Ethan had no clue who these guys were dressed as… I thought it was great!)

(Ethan posing with the Dark Knight…)

(Ethan with the 10th Doctor)

(With the 9th Doctor at a Doctor Who exhibit)

(This one is my favourite, don’t blink!)

(This is the droid he was looking for…)

(Ethan posting with Darth Vader at the Star Wars exhibit)

(Is it just me, or does Ethan look comfortable up there?)

(As you can see here, the little guy is having a lot of fun!)

(Exterminate! Exterminate!)

(Taking a Sith Snack break with Darth Maul…)

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August 25, 2013

Obviously he had a wonderful time–he’s gonna remember that forever! 🙂

lol I just watched Dogma for the first time last night. They did a good job!

August 26, 2013

very awesome!!

August 26, 2013

That looks life a fun & memorable time!