Ethan sings!

Well, the title should likely read ‘Ethan TRIES to sing.’

Leah and I got something for Ethan for being a good boy this week and it was a book that came with it’s own microphone. Apparently at his school they’ve been playing the national anthem everyday, like all schools likely still do these days. It never occurred to me until Ethan grabbed the mic and started to sing Canada’s nation anthem, at least to the best of his recollection. I grabbed my new handy, dandy camcorder and captured it for us all to see and enjoy:

That’s my boy. He’s no opera singer, but he made a very good effort. Leah loves that ‘Dah dad dah!’ at the end of it. Hope you enjoyed that and have a good week!


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Ohhh Cannnaadddaaa! My fiance is a very, VERY proud Canadian… I ought to show him this. 😉

January 3, 2008

He’s a cutie patootie.

January 3, 2008

Very impressive. 🙂 For the record, I know all the words to “O Canada.” As a national anthem, it’s WAY better than the Star-Spangled Banner. I think America The Beautiful would be a better national anthem.