Internet bathtime…

Usually when Jon takes a bath, it’s not a very long affair. He splashes around enough to soak you more than him, and than after twenty minutes of fighting to clean his hair and his body, he’s ready to come out. Like I said, not very long… but I’m sure that will one day change. One day he might be like Ethan, who lives to soak in the tub. On average, Ethan will play with his toys, splash around, play with his toys again, fight his cleaning and then play with his toys some more. His bathtime usually runs around 40-60 minutes. He’s one of those kids who you have to drag out kicking and screaming to make sure he doesn’t turn into a prune. That being said, once all the cleaning is out of the way, that leaves a lot of downtime for whoever has to watch the boy and make sure he’s okay. We are very, very strict on not leaving any of the boys alone in the tub. Just walking down the hall to fetch a towel is a big no no in this household.

So when it’s Ethan’s turn to hit the tub and soak, you better have something to pass the time with or you are going to be one bored observer. I usually take a book with me. My MP3 player was an idea, but Ethan likes to talk a lot as well when he’s in the tub so I didn’t like that idea. It’s also hard to hear the wife screaming from downstairs if she needs something, so a book works better cause I can just stop reading when he feels like having a good yarn.

So right now, I’m doing something very cool. I’m on a wireless notebook computer, and I’m sitting on the bathroom sink typing this entry while Ethan plays in the bathtub. I’m a safe distance away from him so the computer is safe from his splashes but I’m still very close if he needs to talk or help with anything at all. Technology is amazing and I an check my mail, my diary and anything really from facebook to my hollywood stock exchange account now whenever Ethan is killing time in the tub.

We have guests coming over tomorrow, but regardless we try to clean the boys at least three times a week. Not a neat freak or anything, just try to keep a schedule and work it as close as possible. It’s not the end of the world if we miss one for one reason or another, but we try not to make a habit of it. So I’ve got to run, it’s time to pull the plug and dry this little prune off. Hope everyone is having a good friday and I’ll be around. Until then, take care…


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December 12, 2008

(seen you on the front page) my son is like ethan (he is 3) and loves the bath i have to bribe him with a movie to get him out tho if i would let him he would be in there for 3+ hours lol

December 13, 2008

haha that is pretty awesome actually. i love wireless internet, it freakin’ rocks! baths are great, water is great! it would be interesting to see what starsigns Jon and Ethan are to see if either are water signs or not.