Bye Bye Baby


If TPO had been pregnant the baby would have been due last Monday. It would have been here by now. Now I get that she was never pregnant but I feel that I’ve lost something.

It was all so fucked up.


For the first 3 months there was no reason to doubt her and naturally I grew attached, as did ActionMan and then there were doubts which sprouted about the time she start spouting crap about twins and dicking about with who would be on the birth certificate, the father or the boyfriend. The doubts grew and grew then she had her holiday and the douts grew and grew and then there was how quick she arranged abortion and the doubts grew and grew and then there was the scond abortion, performed on a Sunday and the doubts grew and grew
and then I emailed Planned Parenthood and various other organisations.l and the doubts were proved it had all been bullshit.

All of a sudden there’s no kid, never has been but I’ve waited this long because I wouldn’t have put it past her to snatch a kid…sounds harsh?
This is the girl that wanted a meth-head to raise children with. So yeah, I wouldn’t put anything past her but whilst there was no baby it just feels like something has been lost like we’ve  lost something. I feel like lighting a candle in memoriam but what for? Something that never exsisted to begin with.



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March 21, 2011

You have your own children to look forward to hun xxxxx

March 21, 2011

aww thanks that is me =]