My soul lies deep within~*~it burns with those red hot tears as it silently screams~*~can you hear that distant noise~*~that is my heart~*~it’s breaking~*~it doesn’t hurt so bad~*~not anymore~*~ the pain is just a distant memory of what it once was to feel something other than how i feel now~*~the tears i cry they sting~*~they are but little knives that slice my face~*~this ugly mutation that should never have been here~*~my reflection mocks me as I stare through the mirror~*~I wonder what is beyond the image of what should be~*~how I should be~*~how should I be~*~I think I know~*~then I realise I don’t~*~how can I know~*~I don’t even know who I am~*~those mocking voices in my head~*~they shout so loud when I need them most~*~Their hollow tones resonate within my mind~*~why shouldn’t I listen to them when they scream so loud~*~all this noise~*~

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March 21, 2008