Oh My God is it broken? I think it’s broken…

Let’s rewind and take it back….


Last weekend…

So… Friday night me & Elle went out for Lydia’s birthday, Lydia got mashed and passed out in The Club and had to be taken home by her girlfriend. Classy Lassie. Anyway, all her friends went home too, we weren’t bothered, we just stayed and had another couple of drinks; well it was free bar, rude not to really. They went, we stayed and had a couple of drinks and danced a bit. It felt so good to be out for a change and being able to hold my girlfriend’s hand and kiss her in public without worrying. Did I mention that it’s a LGBT club? So yeah, I love having her hold my hand, I don’t care where but more so when we’re out. SO yeah I was kinda drunk, so was she, taxi, home, bed. So we wake up on Saturday at mine,  Elle gets out of bed made breakfast in bed for us both and then gets up and says I’ve gotta go now, gave me a big kiss and said I love you and went. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK?! Then she text me when she got in and told me she had surprise for me for the Sunday. So she rang me later on that night and said get ready you’re coming to mine for dinner..Figured I’d check if her folks were OK with it and she replied “I said MY house not mum and dads house…I’ve moved in today!”  So damn psyched for her!  I stayed there on the Saturday and then came home on the Sunday morning, I didn’t want to go, I wanted to just lay there in bed forever with her, but I couldn’t because I had shit to sort before my Nan comes to visit.

Monday I went and picked up my Nan who I haven’t seen in ages  and she brought my birthday pressie from my mum which is a family heirloom that I’ve want for year. She took me shopping and bought me a whole new wardrobe ready for winter for my birthday, my birthday isn’t until December, but I’m cool with having early gifts! She met Elle BUT she doesn’t know I’m gay. She loves her though, so that was good. Friday we had to go to Elle’s cousin’s birthday, it was dead good actually, me & her mum got stinking drunk, dancing with all the kids. Then we had to go to Elle’s godson’s christening the next day, not so much fun given the hangiver from hell. Dead nice service though, kind of. Made me feel like I was stroking out a bit s it was a bit surreal; the vicar actually did a sermon on “The Religious Creep & The Smack Dealer” it was meant to be a take on Jesus & The Tax Collector but hearing a vicar use the phrase ” he would get his junk” when you stink of stale vodka and regret made me laugh so much (silently) that I was apparently turning purple, but so was her Mum, so it was fine.  I thought I was going to die. Stayed at Elle’s all weekend and then she brought me back today and I fucked my phone by dropping it outside Sainsburys. Whoops. If it will last another month, I can get another one next month…I think I proper fucked it though. Oh and I told Elle I’ll move in with her, but she has to ask me properly first.

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October 29, 2007

Sounds like a busy weekend.

October 29, 2007

🙂 sounds busy but fun