Pissed, Kissed & Possibly Concussed

Ok maybe I’m not taking the break up as well as ‘d like people to believe.

Last night I was in WEI with the girls for our usual weekly karaoke and  many Malibus later I’m noticing this really cute guy sat at the other end of the bar. So we end up chatting away, as you do,  add 4 bottles of Becks into the mix nd we’re kissing. So bizarre. I feel terrible about it anyway we the decided to carry on the night at Ms so we get in Micci’s car and end up in Ms I then proceeded to drink even more, spill half a drink in my lap and promptly  announced that I want to go home because I’ve had enough so we’re going back to Micci’s car when Big Bird announces that I’m in the back I go on to headbutt the beam on the convertible top  and knock myself out for a brief spell, to the amusement of my friends, I finally got in and went to bed but not before I texted Kel and told her i was pissed and had made an absolute cunt of myself and that I was sorry.

I’m an utter prick.

~*~ x ~*~

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