So Spike came to my work tonight.
I was on the door anyways.
We let him in for free.
Officially because he’s a bouncer.
We talked and drank and danced.
After I’d finished my shift.
And then we sat in the beer garden for a cigarette and then he kissed me.
It was soft and firm.
All at once.
Then twice.
Then we went back inside and had another drink.
Then I let him out of the club.
He kissed me goodbye.
He left his scent on me.
I’m seeing him again.
Possibly Monday.
Possibly Tuesday.
He makes me tingle.
He makes me damp.
He made my panties so damp tonight.
So he has a girlfriend.
So what?
She doesn’t know.
About me or the other girl.
Nor will she.
We’re only in it for fun,
Not to break up a family.
He told me they’ve had sex twice in 4 years.
I’m more than happy to help relieve him.
After all, we have unfinished business.
But tonight, just like any other, present or future, I sleep alone, but tonight I am scented.



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