Tuesday, Tuesday

Good morning! I didn’t write an entry yesterday. It was a nice day. I went to a Nature Center about twenty minutes from here. It may have taken me a little longer since I got held up at a railroad crossing by a commuter train. Anyway they have a garden at this nature center and I love to walk around in it. Right now there is a lot of Phlox blooming and Joe Pye weed and black-eyed susans and there are some pretty yellow flowers that look something like daisies. They grow very tall. Between six and seven feet. I didn’t see a lot of butterflies yesterday, but usually I see a lot of tiger swallowtails and black swallowtails there. Also it is the only place I have ever seen a Pipevine swallowtail. They are very exotic looking. The top wings are sort of charcoal and the hind wings are teal blue.  I haven’t been out today except to get groceries. The sun is out right now, but it is very humid. I could really do without the humidity. I think it is supposed to rain. Maybe that will bring down the humidity. I was on the phone earlier with my Medicare Part D(Prescription Coverage) insurance provider. There is a drug I get for Osteoporosis. It is very expensive. The insurance I used to have paid for it. I had a reasonable copay. The insurance I have now won’t pay for it unless I meet a deductible. Even then I’d have a huge copay. I’ll have to call my Doctor and let him know

and see what he wants to do.



caught my eye

while walking

in the garden.




almost floating in the air.

Not like the other


blacks, spicebush, tigers.

All alighting

on phlox, cone flowers,

and yellow daisies.

More exotic,

a loner

who finally rests

on some small white bee balm,


deep gray/black

upper wings,

long and rounded

at the ends

and the cerulean

hind wings

with small cream colored

crescents along

the edges.

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August 11, 2020

I have osteo too… although I get bone density tests and medicine too… but I live in Canada so… yeah….