An Eastern Star is born

Everything has been suspended
In mid-air
As the Eastern star is born
Knowing the separation of
The children of the Sun and Moon
For their division
Only breeds war
And their peace
Only multiplies the lies
Surfacing from the inside

The illusion you want
Has always been too surreal
And how can you hold
Onto the unreal
How can you live
Your whole life based upon a shooting star
When you can’t even reach
What you are trying to hold onto
Someday you’ll crash and burn
And when you do
Try to discover
What is behind the surface
You are trying to uncover

I’ve drifted through
The hollow nights
And I’ve explored
The rotting sun
Decay day by day
So I could say
Excuse me
As I suffer on my knees
Crying out in vain
Fighting this inner chaotic struggle

Excuse me
As I take a deep breath
To save this forgotten moment
Because I’ve carried myself
As far as I can go
And I’m afraid
That this time
When it’s over
I won’t make
It out alive

I will sit in the shadows
And hide
Until it is my time to shine
For I can only unravel your mind
One thought at a time

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