Witnessing Death

The wind voices mysteries
The waters echo eternity
The earth breathes
Fire deceives
Worshipping death
As an immortal disease

My eyes atrophy
Worshipping the Sun
The goddess of the Moon
Cast her stones upon
My original sin
As the angelic stars
Shudder and scar
A future
Foretold by words
I can never see
Inside a historical theme

The Earth was never mine
Drifting through time
Roses bleed
One by one
They fall just like me
I don’t understand
Cannot comprehend
These desires I die from within
So you can have the leaves
From all the trees
For your fruit
Bares no seed

My final hour arrives
Peeling my flesh away
Minute by minute
Face to face
Watching the mirrors decay
As my hands
Crack and bleed
My face hides
Inside a black widow’s eyes
Transforming her web
To capture the flies
Metamorphosing death
And re-creating the sin
I began with

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October 11, 2018

I like this one too….

November 5, 2018