Destroy Hollywood (Holywood) / Updates on Ph.D. and Novel / Prepare for Economic Crash, Dollar devaluation, QFS, Q-Era, and food shortages

Destroy Hollywood (Holywood)

Welcome to Hollywood
I call it
Because they claim
To be a star from heaven
They want to be that god
You worship
In idiocracy
And make-believe democracy

Are wannabees
Controlled by money and fame
What is in a name
When you sold
Your soul
To be known
Then forgotten
In your 15 minutes of shame

China owns you
You do what they say
They manipulate
Your ways
Betraying the country
That gave power
To your name

I laugh
Because you think
You have it made
You worship a delusion
I’m not an illusion
I’m a clown
Or a jester
Here to mock you
Destroy Hollywood
Destroy Holywood
And when you’re bankrupt
I’ll introduce you
To my pronouns

You’re treacherous treason
Will be watched
And your shame
Will be broadcasted
On the infamous television screen
Your concrete stars removed
And replaced
By those that deserve
To be society’s humbling grace


Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I hope y’all have a wonderful New Year too.

I have finished my novel and still looking for a literary agent. I might have a hard time since most agents seem to be looking for LGBTQ material. Most agents are liberal, and I’d say I am more conservative. Extreme liberalism and election rigging are killing America. I don’t mind working with them, but most of these radical liberals want nothing to do with conservatives.

Most likely, the novel will come out next year or in 2024, and my first novel is not political–so that people know. I am two classes, a study, and a dissertation away from earning my Ph.D. I really cannot wait for that to be finished so that I have some more time, lol.


A huge economic crash is coming to America that they have not ever seen. A crash so bad it will make America feel like a 3rd world country. The main thing causing this is the Russian-Ukraine war, which will lead to WW 3, because the sanctions on Russia made Russia more reliable on China and pushed the BRICS system. China is moving into a gold standard that will crush the dollar. Next is the Q-Era, Quantum Era, because there will be a shift in jobs. Your best bet is to find work online or at any company that has a Quantum computer because they are ahead of all the others–D-wave is good. BRICS will cause the devaluation of the dollar while the Q-Era is disclosing the truth, and this truth will lead to certain companies losing major business and laying off people and arrests. Food shortages are coming because so many food production sites have been ruined. Gas prices are about to skyrocket, so prepare for that best you can too. Energy prices, in general, will skyrocket until a new source of energy is introduced (a source of energy that is not in use currently). I’ll have a video on this too.

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