Embrace Sophia

Embrace Sophia

Her Venusian skin
Is dipped in sin
A Jupiterian
Heart and mind
Balancing the scales
And stealing time
The Moon fades
Between dark and light
And she falls asleep
So dreams can speak

Mars lights the candle
Setting fire to
The passions in her eyes
Trying to melt the ice
In Saturn’s hexagonal prison
Trapped stars bound her soul
And an orgasmic big bang explodes
Trying to break free
From her adversity

Her brain
Creates the schism
And division
As schizophrenic memories
Jump in and out of her mind
She rips her heart out
Because she’s afraid
To cry and feel again
As she alchemically
Dissects her animus
Forgetting how to put
Her life together again

Everything becomes dark
Her shadow
Vibrationally blends with her soul
She shreds her past
So demons stop
Devouring her soul
She’s less afraid
But her journey
Is not complete
As she wakes up
From the grave
She finally realizes
Sophia embraced her name

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