I just want to live and love

I just want to live and love
I’m the ghost
You never see
The beauty
You’ll never uncover
Hiding in the shadows
Because it is the only place
I can hide
So you don’t see my demise

You had everyone against me
Spreading lies
The pain you caused
Felt like a thousand knives
Carving out pieces of flesh
You did not let me rest
As my blood
Leaked from my chest

You are the reason
I rip my eyes out
Every goddamn night
When I sleep
All I see
Is the false conspiracy
Tattooed inside my head
The trauma that haunts me
As I try to dream
It surfaces
And devours me

When I awake
Convulsions overtake me
Puking my guts out
Repeating the process
Day and night
Tears become
My lonely friend
And suicide
Manifest thoughts inside my head

I am nothing
For you have destroyed and raped
All my feelings inside
My soul still survives
Try and destroy me again
Rip my flesh off
Cut me open
I only have
So much I can bleed
Before my heart gives out
And death overtakes me

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1 week ago

NO ONE is worth feelings that strong but yourself.

7 days ago


Even though it is part of the story of my character, I wrote it when I was having my worst PTSD symptoms.  I ended up finding out that writing poetry was my therapy.

7 days ago

@raphaeltiriel – Don’t get me wrong, I really like it… I just always feel the need to link someone’s writing to them, whether it is or not actually linked  lol.

6 days ago


I wasn’t saying you didn’t like it.  I was just giving the background to the creation of the poem.  Thanks!

1 week ago

Self worth is always the hardest.

7 days ago


Oh man, that used to be so hard for me.  I spent a good ten years of my life feeling completely worthless and I just wanted to die.