I’ve Fallen in Love with Bureaucracy

As I look beyond the valley of death
I see a nation created for the people
To cheat the people
As I look
From sea to shining sea
I see a porno nation
Which I hold
And grab tightly to my waist

Religion oppression
God deprivation
Death has gripped
My veins
Many times
Never falling down
Never giving in
For life stains the flesh

I’ve fallen in love
With a government
That doesn’t make sense
I’ve fallen in love
With a bureaucracy
That doesn’t give a shit
I’ve fallen in love
With a world
That stirs me in their shit
I’ve fallen in love
With a God
I can resist

Full of hate
As darkness clouds my mind
Morality detours my path
The mist has shown the way
As my beginning
Becomes my end
I take one last breath

I’ve just fallen in love
With a reality
That doesn’t exist
I’m fucking democracy
Masturbating religion
While bureaucracy licks my ass
A threesome for an hour
Of pleasure and pain
Yet, I find it sexy
When you say my name

Everyone can suck it
Fuck you
I don’t give a damn
I must be crazy and strange
Cause I’ll say what I wanna say
Until my end

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May 21, 2020

Like they say…”Speak now or forever hold your peace”

May 21, 2020


I always speak lol, probably too much lol.