My Queen

It’s a cold dark night
The Moon wants to take
Our lives
While the stars
Want to give us light
To lead us away
From the mistakes of
Our past lives

It seems
We are just sex toys
Waiting to be fucked
Selling our souls
For advertisements
Craving that orgasmic pleasure
That leads us astray
From our duties today

God has been replaced
By the ecstasy
She craves
Trying to escape the pain
Hidden inside her veins
Replaying memories
Trapped in time
For today is dead
And only the past lives
Inside her head

Her nightmares
Are strange and sadistic
Suffocating the stars
Replacing heaven
With a midnight sun
That offers no release
Only grief

Even though
I can only
See you in my dreams
I can hear the screams
You want everyone to hear
Every night
The image stains my mind
As the clock ticks
One second at a time

Just like our past lives
We will find a way
To meet one day
My Queen
Be patient
Because destiny waits
To seal our love
In the greatest story told
Above and below
So just know
That in tears and blood
I swear to you
My love

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November 28, 2018