This Helps

Writing is one of my only hobbies. It helps me go through one thing to the next, even if the next subject isn’t great. I’m no English teacher, I don’t pick on grammar, but I will write down an idea. Most of the time I don’t get to the end of a book. But when I am writing it, when I do have motivation, I set my sights on the characters. They are what I base my entire life on. Usually at least one of the characters is somehow related to me. One of my latest short stories (which I haven’t finished), is about a girl named Mya who goes through some hard things at home. Eventually she’s sent to a foster family, who helps her rebuild her courage and relationships. I hope to finish it, because nothing would make me happier. I also made a slideshow of the characters (shout out to Pinterest!!). I hope that I can continue writing on this group, thank you for your time.

-Future Writer (hopefully)

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May 25, 2023

I’d read your writings…