ouais y’a du monde au balcon


reading: a court of thorns and roses, for i can’t read bookclub
listening: mamen lorenzo
watching: ruining history
obsession: miraculous ladybug lovesquare fanfic, tbh

like, a lot has happened, what the fuck

andrew and i officially got engaged on october 28th (“the closest i could get to the anniversary of the day we met,” he said, like that’s not the sweetest sappiest thing in the whole world). i officially got demoted in one of the fan communities in because one of my babes and the streamer’s girlfriend had a falling out and apparently i was too close to my friend for the girlfriend’s comfort?? it was a Legit Mess. i’m mostly over it? we officially have the caterer + venue on lock for the wedding. we added a few more babes to babecord and then started a book club and are already yelling at each other on twitter about it because we are Nerds. i bought a copy of overwatch (finally) and my friends on various continents keep threatening to play it with me. one day soon i’ll probably give in. my sister got engaged to her boyfriend and it looks like 2019 might be The Year Of Two Weddings. yikes. i have somehow????? become part of a mostly-french group of friends that all listen to a rapper that i legitimately would not give the time of day if he sang in english but since it’s french i love him? i don’t know. i’m still Behind at work but not as badly i guess. bodi got a twitch account, immediately got swept up in the art community, started streaming, and then got affiliate in the span of like 2 1/2 months- i created a monster. my written french is getting better but i still don’t know enough verbs and i’m bad at tenses. Overwatch Offseason Drama™ has happened and it makes me very tired. i actually do shit on twitter now. our bedroom is still not really unpacked because we’re bad at finishing things i guess. we got really into buzzfeed unsolved. i got really into like 4 kpop girl groups. we have gone to philly/jersey on a kind of monthly basis for the last three months for babe meetups. we’re very bummed we’re not going to be able to afford going back to la this year. we have started drinking la croix for some stupid reason. i tripped over my own dumb feet on new year’s eve and banged up my engagement ring a bit, bruised my knee and elbow very badly, and scraped the shit out of my left hand. one last fuck you from 2018 i guess.

we went to mando’s for new year’s and watched bandersnatch and played mario party and had brunch on new year’s day and it was so nice. i love my friends and i’m incredibly thankful for them, even if they are all like 2+ hours away whOOPS.

i feel kinda bad that i’ve been away for so long but i guess i’m so out of the habit of writing it slips my mind so easily. it used to be that i would journal literally every Big Thing that happened to me but now i’m so in the habit of internalizing things and ruminating rather than WRITING that i literally forget my diary is back and ready for me to slap down every dumb thought i’ve ever had. i needed this outlet so much the past few years and now that i have it…… i feel like i’m wasting it. ugh. how melodramatic of me.

anyway, au revoir mes potes.

loloLUL, overcursed, “dammit, how am i supposed to compete with a werewolf??” <33


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