what’s up danger


reading: twitter explode over the overwatch patch + lore that dropped yesterday
listening: into the spiderverse soundtrack
watching: my comprehension of time disintegrate before my eyes
obsession: how good spiderverse is, still, because it is SO good

definitely thought today was wednesday. yikes.

since i haven’t done this anywhere yet, “resolutions” for 2019:

• have a good wedding. like a real good one. marry that boy real hard.

• get the bedroom unpacked, honestly, it’s been like 6 months, what the hell

• make two (2) quilts

• read one (1) book every two weeks

• have more sex

• get some air plants!! love them!!

into the spiderverse is actually the best superhero movie pretty much ever. please go see it if you have not already.

it is 2019 and i’m still unable to go to bed before 1 am unless i am sick or exhausted. i don’t know why i’m like this. like what the fuck. just go to sleep. this isn’t hard.

i sent some of my poetry to some friends yesterday and they said nice things about it and i cried. it’s nerve-wracking to send my shit to other people because i think my poetry is pretentious and melodramatic even as i recognize that my phrases are good and then people say nice things and i turn into a mush ball.


i don’t know i have a lot of thoughts but i need to do work so i guess i’ll sign off without putting them down because words are not coming easy today.


europe myths, hot chocolate, “where i go, the wind goes. and the wind smells like rain.” <33

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January 9, 2019

How do you marry someone really hard?  Isn’t it a do or don’t situation?

January 9, 2019

@axalotal yeah but i’m still going to be like, aggressively and emphatically saying i do hahaha