Why I am Jewish


My Spiritual background comes from many different places.  The combination of my Background might suggest that I am Jewish as it applies to customs and family aspects. my mothers raised Jewish, her mother, and so forth. My mother before me, My siblings, and then me. There is a lot at stake for family traditions, and values of the family.

for  me It was more a birthright, then a choice. 
Choice maybe isn’t the right word. if I had a choice, I would most likely still be Jewish, I do approve of it’s values and beliefs more then other religions I have studied. Judaism allows me the freedom to provide learning and prevalent study throughout my life. With Judaism as well, It allows me to come to terms with what to believe. That’s the blessing to Judaism, it’s more like guidelines then actual set beliefs. I was raised reconstructionist, so guidelines I feel apply more, then say series of beliefs. 
My father is a lutheran, and My mother is Jewish. With thus mixture, I was raised Jewish solely, although my father’s background comes to play with some of his life lessons to me, and the occasional prayer circle with his family. It’s an interesting mix to say the least, it’s a very accepting and has a very homey feel. 
I was raised Jewish, but beyond that- I was Bat-mitzvah’ed because it was expected of me, not because it was something that I chose for myself. I studied and went through the motions, and in the end was proud of myself for having come so far in the time that I did. – It was an enlightening time, I mean; Nobody likes being 13. I will rightly admit that I was less mature then, and have since learned the error of my ways. I have looked back at this time in my life and I wished I had done more with it.
My spiritual path as of now is uncertain. I am taking this class to make up for lost time, and to truly appreciate what, and in some cases who I am.


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