Good early morning to y’all!!

I have this Tay song in my head…

I woke up to a gray rainy Saturday… which is fine with me, bc I love these kind of days. I am the anti-Bella Swan. Heh. I am going to do computer maintenance in a few…. I played the Sims 4 yesterday as I mentioned with absolutely no lag. ♥ Yay!! Here are some pix…

Here is my female sim. I forget her name just leave it like that. Why does practically every female sim (in EVERY game!) I make look like Taylor Swift??? LOL!! And nope I didn’t make her boobs like that on purpose. That was the body her prototype came with lol ♥ the shirt though….

Her hubby who looks slightly Asian but hey… and he has a name also which I forgot also…

IDK why I took this shot, I just think the two of them are great together..

Lil Girl is trolling the web looking for someone to start a flame war. Ha!!!

I love these two. 🙂 ♥ Seriously, they are so cute!!

I have them walk creepy-like.. IDK I love this style… it’s funny!

See? Even the Sims 4 has the grilled cheese thing LOL!!

There we go! Her name is Whitney and his is Erick, that I remember now….

Erick really loves to cook!

Like… really! (Way not to be super creepy there Erick dear.. heh)

And  gen 2 is on their way!

And Erick is pleased! As am I!! 😀

Erick is a professional fisherman… this is his work outfit.

She is dirty but gives no ducks 🤡😈

More today.. bc I am dead curious as to the sex of Baby Matlock..

And yes, I named the family after the show…



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