Imma just gonna put these up, 🤬the names.. (lol)

Ok. My sis Julz wanted me to create an elder sim in the Sims 4 (and thnx to Taylor on YT now Julz’ computer runs the Sims 4 no prob…) and see what happens.. like if Grimmy comes or whatevs, bc in the Sims 3, I have seen him countless times when my sims were in uni, and he practically lives in my Sims 2 game… I boolprop him with my female sims all the time lol…



I know that the surname is Wray. I forget the others hehe..


The next thing I do, is get Ms. Wray to adopt a child. But thanks to Growing Together, I now have the option of adopting an infant!


Contrary to his appearance Baby Wray, is a boy, and I think he is a vampire too. I could be wrong. He does have pink eyes, but I do have these special CC eyes, that are really great, and maybe that’s it… but idk.


I took this opportunity to get her to sleep while her baby slept too.


The actions you can do with your infant is so cute. Like blow on tummy. LOL!!


Cody! That’s the kid’s name, and he is a good bambino. He hardly cries unless he has a dirty diaper, or if he needs to be fed… or loved, but Cody is a very calm baby. His trait is sensitive. I aim to get him a sister soon, but maybe Julz will have to bc I get my computers (yes plural!) back on Monday… so… we shall see non?



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May 12, 2023

Coolness! 💙💙💙

May 12, 2023

@ladiwan And I am proud of myself for fixing the game’s lagginess on Julz’ computer!