The Atwood Legacy – a Sims 4 tut turned legacy…

I recently got the Sims 4 and all the packs again… after deleting both the game folder and the setup files… like the dumbarse I am. 

Her name is Araceli Atwood. She is an artist in the tut.


She is the stunning blonde.


Ara: *noms on oatmeal with fruit*

Honestly that does sound yummy!


I forget her name but she is the ‘default’ sim when doing the tut. You Sims 4 players know wtf I’m talking about, but here she is talking to herself about balloon animals (I didn’t get the thought bubble bc I’m using the game cam) strangely enough… o_O


My sim had the sads so I sent her over to Ms. Default and had her interact with her. And yes, she is eating one of my fave foods… weenies and beanies.


Mmm… ramen… nice!!


THE NEW FAD: Have your carbs and work out at the same time!


Last pic. She is at da club.. looking for luuuuuuuuuuuurve… yepp… finished the tut and now my bb Araceli is on her own.

More later… mmkay?

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July 29, 2020

I need to play Sims 4 eventually. I’m behind.