Mother Daughter time

Well today after school i got to have some one on one time with my daughter Laryy stayed home with my son and i took kaylee out to spend her gift card she got for christmas and then out for dinner. She had earned a Free meal at a local resturant as a reward for her perfect attendance last semester. It was very nice I enjoy doing this and try to take some time out at least once a month to spend one on one time with Each of the kids. As most parents know this is often hard to do but WELL worth it. Our kids grow so fast and we miss so much because the world around us has us moving in fast pace. I urge all parents to take just a little time to spend one on one time with your kids even if you can only squeze in five minutes at bed time ready thier faorite book or a chapter of it as they get older. Life goes by way to fast i cant imagine what it would have been like if the snowmobile accident had been worse and i had lost my daughter. Its happened ladies and gentlman. People have lost thier kids before they even really got to know them. Take the time and make sure you are using it right. hold them and love them you never know when it will be to Late. Time is precious make sure you are making memories of what really matters.

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February 25, 2010

Well Hell…that was easy to catch up with!! LOL Miss ya chica!!!