I am now the proud Auntie for the Very first time my Littlest sis Kassi Had Her first Child on September 9th. His Name s Ryan Lee and he weighed 5 pounds 6 oz and is a very happy and healthy baby. He has grown already and is now 8 pounds and 2 oz and is SPOILED ROTTE by his auntie sam. I have him with me all the time and am loving it. My sister is a first time mom and is getting better but needs some work.

I will be an AUntie for the second time on Febuary 28th when my other younger sister hass her first child. We are expecting a BOY however if the ultrasound was worng i will be VERY HAPPY cuz i want a niece. However i do have to say I love the name she picked out for a Boy Nolan Samuel. Nolan is my grandfather on my dads side and Samuel is my grandfather on my mothers side so i think this is an AWESOME name choice.

My son is most likely Bi-polar and wil be starting counseling FINALLY after many Years of Doctors telling me im CRAZY and that he dont need counseling. I will post something after his appointment friday to let you know how things go.

I am going to Have one MONDO hangover on Sunday because i have lots of Drinking to End my Week Out. Thursday Morning I am going to Pablos Tacos My fav resturaunt for tacos and margeritas(something i do every thursday for lunch) then thursday night i am going out with a group of friends for drinks just Because then friday i am going to a toy party where there will be drinking and the out to the bar with some friends then Saturday is my Boyfriends birthday bash at a local club where i will be drinking YEAH to LOTS of DRINKS BOOO to the Hangover i know im going to have

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January 1, 2010

Hey my Sam!!! CONGRATS ON BEING AN AUNTIE…TWICE! 🙂 Miss you to pieces!!!