Last Tuesday I did not go to the gym.  I worked until 9pm, then met up with S for sushi straight from work.  I had a miso soup and all the sashimi in the joint.  Tuna, hamachi, salmon…yum.  Our local sushi spot does these glasses of cold sake…like a wine glass filled with sake.  I had two!  I felt like I hadn’t seen S in forever so we went out for a another drink at Barrio 47.  I had a "Rye Charlie Bronson" which was Bulleit rye, green chartreuse, and vermouth.  S had a Bulleit bourbon on the rocks and we chatted until way too late, but it was necessary.

Wednesday morning I had to be up early and looking polished, so I woke up at the ACOD, went into the office, then for an offsite event waaaaay uptown.  We wrapped that up just after 5pm then it was another 30 minutes in the car to get home.  I came home, did some work, then totally crashed.  S basically put me down for a nap and I was so close to bailing on my plans for the night, but I awoke like a zombie at 9:30pm, got dressed and we were at Highline Ballroom by 9:35pm, about 30 seconds into Lou Doillon‘s first song.  Excellent luck with that timing.  Highline is a pretty small, flat venue, so if you are tall you have a pretty good view from anywhere in the place.  They played about an hour and overall it was good but I was just about to drop by her last song.  Worth checking out though – Devil or Angel is one of the peppier ones, probably my favorite.  Went home, did a little more work, and conked out.


Thursday was more of the same – I slept in a bit, went into the office when it was daylight which was nice.  Worked until after midnight, which sucked, and came home to S, which was heavenly.  We had red wine and I ate potato bread and string cheese while watching American Horror Story: Coven until the wee hours.   Friday was a decent day, just trying to plow through work.  I got out earlier than I probably needed to, but by that point I knew I’d be working over the weekend anyway.  

I met S at "Meatpacking Uncorked,"  a neighborhood thing sponsored by the Food Network, all the stores were open late and serving wine/bites.  It was a nice night and we hit a ton of places – all the food places had ridiculously long lines so did more drinking than eating.  Okay, no eating.  

So we went to Catch, which was awesome.  We had this special sushi roll that had lobster/avocado in the middle, then salmon wrapped around the top and hit with a blowtorch.  I was weirded out by the idea of a warm sushi roll, but S urged me to get it, and I was so glad we did!  Then the seafood tower came and it was just waaay too much food.  Oysters, crab, lobster and little pots of different ceviches – shrimp with grapefruit, a citrus salmon one, and then some white fish with avo…amazing.   Our server was awesome and kept hooking us up with free wine, so we stayed over two hours!  After that we took a stroll around the neighborhood and popped into a new italian spot in our neighborhood.  It was so cute and the owner/staff were so nice – the place that used to be there was not good so it was really nice that this place seems like a great new option!  One more drink around the block, then back to bed.

Yesterday was my day of sloth – we did absolutely nothing and it was great.  Just kidding, I did do two hours of work around 10pm on Saturday.  Yuck.  Early alarm time for a weekend this morning, packed for the week then into the office to put together some last minute stuff before heading out.  Got lots of work done in transit, room service dinner (grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, asparagus, pellegrino), and now a bit more work before a reasonable bedtime.  Yeah right.  This week is shot but it’s almost November…hooray!  

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October 20, 2013

S has good taste in bourbon 🙂 – Catch looks awesome! Despite not loving NYC when I visited, I have to admit I’ll be back again if just for the food.

October 21, 2013

sloth? you? I don’t believe it! 🙂

It took me 2 days to be able to open this. I don’t know how you stay standing on so little sleep. And yet I’m jealous because it all sounds like fun.

October 22, 2013

How you can do the late night hours is beyond me! Still need to try sushi. What would you recommend? When I saw the title I thought you were going to say you did a wine and paint class!

October 25, 2013

I have been trying to read this for days. Sometimes this site works and sometimes it doesn’t. Makes me sad. How are you liking American Horror Story? I’m obsessed with this season. So much better than the last one.

October 25, 2013

RYN: And I do remember Diddy running in circles like a dumbass. I have no respect for that guy. He’s just too ridiculous lol.

ah, I finally got to read this. couldn’t access this entry for days. 🙂 your mentioning of sushi makes me crave some now! luckily there’s going to be lunch soon. 😀

October 27, 2013

r: yep! however in my opinion it was a completely childish move. never the less, waves are being made!

RYN* four kids? How do you even do that? And I don’t mean endurance/strength wise. I am trying to think how you steer effectively with only one hand on each stroller.

WEIRD! That just seems like a terrible idea. She needs to find some solo work out time, sounds like. Because E can walk (she can’t read yet) but I know she can’t keep up with me for 4-5 miles. Once she can do that, I will probably have her ride her bike with me or use a scooter. Or I will keep pushing my heavy ass kids until I grow giant Hulk arms.

October 28, 2013

RYN: that’s what i’m calling it from now on.

Oh sushi. That sounds like it was so awesome!

RYN: Really? And lucky you, you get to see the least flattering photo of me EVER. lol