random weekend

Our friends had their annual summer camping event at their house (they have land, do 2 camping events a year for their friends).  The event was Friday afternoon til Sunday afternoon. Aaron didn’t want to go. I went by myself Saturday. I left very early. I wanted to do some quick shopping in Sioux Falls first.

I spent some time in Target. I was deciding if I really wanted their swimsuits (I need a new one….but their styles in my size were hidious. Left without the swimsuit). As I was walking towards the enterence/exit I noticed a lady who seemed familiar. As I took a few more steps, I saw who was with this lady. My friend, Brent, and his wife, Bri, had just walked in! I went to their wedding years ago (like 7-10 years ago).

I hadn’t seen Brent in person in 2ish years. He’s still living in my hometown. I don’t get to my hometown much. Brent and I met on this site in late 2004. We never had the term of boyfriend/girlfriend but we’d have lunch/dinner a couple times a week for months. He had invited me to a New Years Eve party (2004 going into 2005). Besides food, we had hung out a few times over a couple months as well. In January 2005 he said he wasn’t sure he could be with me cause I was too innocent and naive (I was an 18 year old virgin that didn’t drink, he was 21). While we never had the technical term of dating, I did care for him (still do, now it’s more friendship) and felt like he was my first heartbreak.

I was actually thinking about him on the drive to Sioux Falls. So it was very random I had seen him in person. A good surprise.

I made it to the camping party. I made my wayto the handful of people I actually know. They were hanging around the pool area. The pool is now heated. Felt very nice! The outside temp felt cold if I got out of the pool. I stayed in the water for awhile. Some of the ladies wanted to do shopping in town. Since I did my shopping, I didn’t want to join them. Plus, I like to do shopping on my own without anyone else. So I ended up laying down and relaxing. The food was a potluck. I brought dessert. Then had more pool time, watched baseball on their tv, then went to bed around 11 pm.

Drove home Sunday mid morning. Napped at home, did laundry, spent time with the dogs

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