nice surprise today.

 well i got on my open diary today after being away for a month and lo and behold my last 

entry had a comment under it. lol that was so very nice. i was soooooooooooo shocked and surprised. had

not had one in a while. lol



today is journal-lettering day. so i been writing in my journal-letter to my friend. still got all my other journals to work in thow.

2 junk journals, a big one and a little one. my life journal, and my wreak this journal. lol but right now im writing to you my online journal.


going to knit a doilie for my sister on a round loom later tonight plus watch my youtube videos and shows.


its getting close to the end of my giveaway on youtube, i do the drawing on april the 1st. 

cant wait so fun so fun. lol






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March 26, 2013

Now you can be surprised again, because this entry has a note on it, too! :o) !! blessings,