today is journaling day.

im babysitting today, at home by myself with them. its all 3 of the boys this whole week. ikey is out of school for fall break.

today is tuesday journaling day. so i worked in my journals. i got me a new one the other day. the wreke this journal one. i had been wanting it for a long time now. so i finley got it. and i worked in it today too. just the first page, i had to write my name a bunch of diffrent ways, one of them was in white. so i did that with my white puffy paint. so it is laying up drying now.

then i made a youtube vlog all about my tape-paling hobby. so now i got it loading up onto youtube now.

and im writing to you in here now.

then i will watch youtube vides when im threw doing this.

then i will watch my shows,  days of our lives and keeping up withthe kardashions.

until next,




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