86400 seconds in a day to suck suck my money away

New York is one big money-sucking state, and it’s only going to get worse.  The $10billion deficit is going to cost everyone a lot of extra $$ per year.  You can only cut so much before you raise taxes.  The local County deficit is anoither $1billion (although they won’t admit to it, they keep one-shot fixing the holes), which will get paid one way or another.  I hope to move out of this state in the next 10 years.

Then there’s the Federal government deficit of a few Trillion $$ that we just keep adding to.  Print more money so we can solve some problems…  and postpone the pain of having to pay it back.  Oh wait, they already did that a few times.  Guess we have to cut back on something.

The problem is…  who wants to cut back??  Live like your dying!  86400 seconds in a day!  525600 minutes in a year!  Make the most of it…  ’cause you’re gonna die one day anyways and you might get cancer or get into a life-altering accident that will prevent you from enjoying life.

Did I hear that they’re going to try to legalize marijuana?  Well it’s about time!!  I’m tired or worrying about my wife getting busted.  Then again, it might be good for her to get put in jail.  That might scare her straight.

Or stupid, like me.  Har har.


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