Dear fracked-up government peeps

Dear Fracked-Up Government peeps,

Thanks a lot for feeding billions of people overseas instead of feeding your own citizens.  That’s really nice of you.  Maybe next year you could channel all of that $$ back to the USA?  No?  Oh well, just thought I’d ask.

Thanks a lot for devaluing the American Dollar.  That’s really nice of you.  Except…  now the cost of gasoline for my car has gone up 8 cents this week…  which is twice the 4 cents that it went up the previous week…  so I don’t get how printing more $$ helps anyone.  Can’t you stop messing with the economy and just let it rise and fall on its own?  No?  Oh well, just thought I’d ask.

Thanks a lot for passing that wonderful healthcare legislation.  Now, our over-the-counter drugs won’t be covered by our pre-tax Flexible Spending Account, which means I have to spend more $$.  Also, I’m not looking forward to picking my family’s health plan once employer-sponsored healthcare goes away in 2015 (or whenever you say it is).  Can’t you just leave it the way it is and stop messing with things?  No?  Oh well, just thought I’d ask.

Thanks a lot for letting the Bush tax cuts expire.  I know that my huge mortgage tax deduction was robbing you of several thousand dollars worth of revenue each year.  Also, the Alternate Minimum Tax isn’t so bad except when you live in a high-cost area of the USA.  Could you find some way to stop asking for more $$ each year?  No?  Oh well, just thought I’d ask.

Thanks for…  for…  for…

Yeah, well, thanks for NOTHING you fracked-up government peeps!




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December 3, 2010

That’s funny, I seem to remember Obama spending trillions in the US.

December 3, 2010

Frack is not a word. Besides the atrocious ending, I will never forgive BSG for entering that word into our vocabulary. However, I agree with taking care of problems at home.

December 3, 2010

Wait…who was it that took a suplus and turned it into a near-depression? Obama? No…wait….it was BUSH. No more pre-existing conditions. FANTASTIC. Raised the income bar for people who aren’t part of the elite so that their children might be insured. FANTASTIC.

December 3, 2010

*Stands and applauds*

Funny but wasn’t it the Republicans who were all for the alternative minimum tax back when Bush was in office?

December 3, 2010

You are kidding right? This is a satire entry correct? It was Bush that put the US into a deficit and sent our troops into a pre emptive war with antiquated equipment after he depleted the surplus the previous president left the US with.

December 3, 2010

So, let me get this right: You’d prefer that the US government spends their money strengthening the well-being of Americans, yet you also wish that your disgustingly poor excuse for a health care system could stay as is, effectively also ensuring that the health needs of less well-off Americans continue to go unmet… your logic astounds me!

Amusingly written, and I bet there are many more examples. Such as, thanks for lowering the cost of healthcare … my plan’s copays and deductibles went up so the carrier could meet your call to keep the premium increase to a minimum. Now I can pay a $150 copay for outpatient surgery!! And a copay for an MRI! Can you admit you were lying all along, or that the experts you consulted were dopes?