I make rooms for them in my memory palace thusly

Glenn told me once that no matter what, we gotta keep flying the plane or else it runs into the mountain.  He meant persevere, but I had to find another metaphor since I’d already crashed the plane repeatedly.

Glenn refused an offer of free dental care when I was a kid and I am sure times were tight, because he didn’t want the dentist to be giving a loan officer favors.  I was about 8, but it taught me a lot about the choices we make to remain honorable.

Sean never ever gave up on anything.  It annoyed the shit out of me when it was something like break dancing or making noises with his mouth, but it always impressed me.  He taught me to persevere even after the plane crashed.  I’ve seen him walk through a fire of circumstance and come out the other side a better man.  He never fails because he never fails to get up.

Michael showed a depth of emotion once and actual tenderness to such a magnitude it took my breath away.  After that I never failed to see the absolute greatness in him but even before I could never have even written a character about a man who withstood such an avalanche of shit and came through it all looking for another fire into which he could throw himself to help people.  He humbles me with his very existances.

12M Combat Firefighter
12M Graduating Class: Faces and Names Are Changed to Protect the Guilty
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