General Interests:

Movies, Books, Writing, Music, Robotics, Metaphysics, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Humans, Cooking, Philosophy, Computers, Theology, Comedy, Science and Technology, and Games.

Favorite Music:

I will always love the classic rock that I grew up on:
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
the Kinks
the Cars
Grand Funk Railroad

but I have gone through phases where I liked country and western:
George Straight
Willy Nelson
Clint Black
Merle Haggard
Tanya Tucker

I have a great love for the classical composers:

But I also love the new bands: (well, they were new when I wrote this)
Puddle of Mudd
Three Days Grace

I love the piano
Billy Joel
Elton John
Ray Charles

But drums are my favorite

Rush (Niel Pert)
Genesis (Phil Collins)
The Who (Kieth Moon)
Led Zeppelin (John Bonham)
Blue Man Group

I like alternative, punk, grunge, and pop. I like Green Day, Allanis Morrisette, Bush, Avril Lavigne, Live, Candlebox, and Wheezer.

The only real requirement is that I like it; I never want to close my ears to music just because it is different.

Favorite Movies:

V For Vendetta
Batman Begins
A Bridge Too Far
Enter the Dragon
Shawshank Redemption
Big Fish

Favorite Quotes:

How fortunate for us that we thirst for glorious souls and not faultless ones, lest we be exceedingly parched. M.M. Bujold
My religion is simple. My religion is kindness. H.H. Dalai Lama
Speak your mind even if your voice shakes. Maggie Kuhn
Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language. Wittgenstein

About Me:

I am a retired artilleryman (what? you'll have to speak up) who then went to college to get a BS in Computer Science, and a minor in philosophy. I started to go for a masters in cybersecurity, but I got bored.

People are too dumb to teach, mostly, and I got tired of trying to get my company to take security serious. But it made it less surprising when I saw people not taking the pandemic seriously. People lack empathy and until they catch fire, they will ignore the location of the fire extinguishers.
I quit my job and rescued a bunch of dogs and cats. Now I live frugally but with great fulfillment.
I don't like violence, but I am not a pacifist.
I don't like large groups of people, but I love mankind.
I am straight, but not narrow.

I like:
...people who hope for more out of life than just to die in their sleep.
...people who ask why and actually expect to find an answer.
...people who take life seriously but not themselves.
...people who have opinions but aren't opinionated.

Latest Entry

Ode to Canada

April 25, 2022
I had shunned most adrenaline for quite some time, having been rick-rolled by Life often enough to figure the other me's were getting tired of dying off because of our negligence.  I found serenity in the peace of simplicity, and having a life purchased without the use of fucks given, I had a lot...
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  • The Title is the Hard Part
    April 23, 2022
    Dave Chappelle is one of my heroes.  He is brilliant because he decided to be brilliant the Way Batman decided to be fucking Batman.  He tried and when he wanted to quit, he didn't.  When he wanted to compromise, he didn't. He left it ALL on the table to be true to himself, and built…
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  • THIS:
    April 22, 2022
    Things I love about Canada: - Maple rhymes with April, and I never had a rhyme before - People walk EVERYWHERE; it is like Europe. Dogs and people, everywhere I look. The winter is harsh, but the people are ALIVE. - They all think I have an accent, but theirs is so freaking adorable I…
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  • Asset 6
    Asset 5
    Show Me
    April 20, 2022
    OK, then. You are doing your best and feel your best isn't good enough? I can understand how doing that for so long begins to wear on you.  How long has it been, by the way, that you were trying your hardest?  Tell me your analysis, after all this work.  What is left to be…
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  • Asset 5
    At least it wasn’t a strip search
    April 7, 2022
    I overthink.  I am high strung.  I sometimes try to wing it and then cannot explain just what the fuck I am doing.   Border patrol agents do not like this type of behavior.   But Canada is fucking breathtaking.
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  • Asset 5
    I’m not confused, I’m not a liar
    March 19, 2022
    You are my muse I will admire Too be amused do I conspire I'll drink your booze but take you higher With ahhhs and ooohs I'll set you fire A little ooze a little perspire With me twixt you we then retire
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  • I’m Not That Kind of Angel
    March 19, 2022
    [audio mp3=""][/audio] I sneezed and coughed, I'm vaccinated!!, I lied. God Bless You! without requesting, I was sanctified. God damn you! upon rejecting, I might have replied. What the fuck!? they would have cr...
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  • Prostrate Exam
    March 10, 2022
    We have found that a good method of keeping our heads out of our asses, and or removing it post haste, is a daily prostrate exam. The moral reductionism I played with this time has reaped a lot of benefits, or I'm just having a great year.  Clarity is high, noise level is low.  I'm…
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  • He Reminds me to seek Harmony
    February 27, 2022
    There is a story we read once, in which a Zen Master, or maybe Taoist Disciple, travelled with a cook who was neither useful in the kitchen nor comfortable in the company.  He was rude and short tempered and cross with all servants and noble alike.  Finally, the Master was asked why he kept such&...
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  • Asset 5
    Ramda 1/2
    February 15, 2022
    I am an intellectual hermaphrodite, I stretched it left and stretched it right, And even gave a tug or two for extra Height. She comes to me as warrior Aphrodite, Makes my little man feel rather mighty, Til I squirm inside my whities tighty. He comes to me as Princess Buddha, On a cracker like&he...
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