Ramda 1/2

I am an intellectual hermaphrodite,
I stretched it left and stretched it right,
And even gave a tug or two for extra Height.

She comes to me as warrior Aphrodite,
Makes my little man feel rather mighty,
Til I squirm inside my whities tighty.

He comes to me as Princess Buddha,
On a cracker like me She is really Gouda,
And I don’t worry about the woulda shoulda

They come to me as tiny pieces, gleaming
From the other places, dark and streaming
Or perhaps that’s merely bullshit steaming.

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February 25, 2022

I want to let loose with a gut-busting guffaw, but I don’t know you well enough to know if you’d appreciate that, about this, in the manner I intend it. So I’ll just say, “Well done!”

February 27, 2022

@parradoxx You will never ever offend with a heartfelt laugh; I always appreciate no pointing while laughing, but I can harness that energy and repurpose it.  Please do laugh, for it is one of the best of many options in every Frame.

Well met, we would change this fact you do not know us well enough to laugh at us.  What would you know?