I’m Not That Kind of Angel

I sneezed and coughed, I’m vaccinated!!, I lied.
God Bless You! without requesting, I was sanctified.
God damn you! upon rejecting, I might have replied.
What the fuck!? they would have cried.

Do you bequeath what belongs to the Lord?
Do you determine the Fate of the Hoarde?
Do you discern between the Lie and the Word?
Or do you sell salvation at the tip of the Sword?

The Work is not complete, you Fool!
The Lie has left you with a stupored drool!
Grace is a Balancing Action, not your prop tool!
Please keep Stupid in the shallow end of the gene pool!

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March 19, 2022

Some people like to go to their Man Cave when they feel like this.
When I’m emotional I like to go to my Manstrual Hut.

March 19, 2022

@cygnusx-1 rouge touche~