Things I love about Canada:

– Maple rhymes with April, and I never had a rhyme before
– People walk EVERYWHERE; it is like Europe. Dogs and people, everywhere I look. The winter is harsh, but the people are ALIVE.
– They all think I have an accent, but theirs is so freaking adorable I can’t bring myself to correct them.
– The snow is so deep, so constant, such a part of life. It makes the Sun appreciated the way it should, it makes the Days appreciated the way they should be. The harsh makes it better. I was right.
– Their regulations seem quite functional; their government seems to be a better balance of the needs of the citizens and the greed of the corporation rather than just a millstone grinding the vitality out of the population in order to grab a short term victory or profit.
– It is a self selecting group of people, of course, but everyone I have met has such a love for the creatures, great and small. It feels like Home. I AM Home, when I am feeling like this, wherever it may be that I am when I feel it.
– Gordon Lightfoot and the folk music we sing around the campfires in the shadows of the starlight that are softer than the lullaby
– The Lake Effect is amazing.
– The natural splendor. Gonna go out and see if I can’t set some of it down onto my Canvas.
– The Past doesn’t look like anything to me, from up here, and the Future writes itself. I just have to keep falling forward with Grace, to Infinity and Beyond.
– Maple syrup is a national treasure. But they eat ketchup on their French Toast. This makes me laugh and I now what to make burgers where french toast is the bun.

This is a massive recalculation, Rick.

It will take some time for you to figure it out, so I’ll be here, when you get done.

Take your Time, Bro.

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April 23, 2022

Ketchup on french toast?! I didn’t realize that combo could exist (i’m not canadian). I googled pictures of it and I just can’t imagine eating that combo 😝 LOL