The Title is the Hard Part

Dave Chappelle is one of my heroes.  He is brilliant because he decided to be brilliant the Way Batman decided to be fucking Batman.  He tried and when he wanted to quit, he didn’t.  When he wanted to compromise, he didn’t. He left it ALL on the table to be true to himself, and built it back bigger than before.  Fucking amazing and authentic Jester among so many brilliant Jesters, but Dave is One of the superlatives if not all of them.

He told a reverse callback joke in a special in which he explained he came up with punchlines and had to make a joke to fit.  This is the best edit explanation ever, if you want to rewrite your story.  Think of the past as a punchline, and you just got to write the joke.  This is some advanced usage but can be practiced with a net, so no damage is done, it is all Practice.  Write a joke to change a painful memory into a great joke.  This is comedy.  Tragedy plus Time PLUS NOT GIVING THE FUCK UP when you want to quit.  That last part is the important ingredient, like sugar in a key lime pie, that is the difference between comedy and cringeworthy.  I claim responsibility for everything that is wrong with the universe and started with myself and have never been upset with the results of this eating of sin, though others might thing it self-flagellatorish in nature.  I do pick at scabs.   I beat myself relentlessly to find a better past so that I can re-write the equation and take advantage of the properties of Superposition which is a Superpower because it calls all the Electrons to STOP and recalculate and that can take a while.  Meanwhile we love and change the world through happiness and mirth, not violence and death.  Yes, Universe, We have a better fucking Way and it is streaming Live into your consciousness as WE SPEAK to you NOW.

Like a bolt of lightning seeks the highest updraft of electrons as they seek the Sky, the Sky reaches down and this is the Moment of Touch, the electrical Arc of Life that brought the primordial soup into proteins.  AMEN!

Thus it is that when you write the better story, it must be considered and THIS takes time so there is no need to feel rushed, my Brothers for We can Create all the Time we need; it is made from Awareness.  Be aware of all around you, and this will remind you to be surrounded with things and people that make you feel joy for if you do not do this, then what are you doing what you are doing for?  SO that later you may feel joy?  This is a trap and you know it my Sisters!  Do not wait for him to change, he would have already.  This is a trap, my Brothers, do not expect your country to be moral for you!  Think for yourselves and stop doing violence on behalf of these greedy pigs!  Do not be the big bad wolf in sheeps clothing!  Be the sheepdog, and protect the herd til the townsfolk arrive!  We are coming to help!

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June 18, 2022

“Tragedy is me stubbing my toe. Comedy is you falling down a manhole and die.”
— attributed to Mel Brooks