In a beginning, there was Ha

In a beginning there was Ha, a sarcastic Sprite that had gone off in search of novelty and adventure, far from the madding crowd. She had fled the doldrums of celestial wealth and bounty to learn something of Herself, and She felt that distance was needed. Distance and Time. Time and Space, so this is what She manifested, in Her glory.
And as Time and Space formed, She found that time would move when She did, even on the imperceptible level of a Celestial. As Time passed, She began to forget some of it, because She was not aware of the danger. She knew the feelings of loss, for She believed the illusion that She was now ‘she’, separate and alone. As the feelings of loss receded into the past of Time and Space, both in temporal and Cartesian distance, she learned of regret, as the loss passed away from her immediate attention and was stored in her memories for later retrieval.
Regret turned to consideration, at what she had lost, though she could not remember it any more, she KNEW she had lost, even if she could no longer name it. As consideration turned to dedication, she vowed to never lose what she had lost ever again, even as she understood she could not comprehend what had been lost.

The determination led to resolve, which took her into the future. Now she had learned to master the illusion of Time as She continued to travel through this three dimensional space. Movement creates the ticking of the clock, and is somewhat constant. But thought and memory, imagination and hope and fear and regret, these things are internal, they belong to the internal landscape of our Souls which are immense in comparison to this puny physical reality.

This story is coalescing along the lines of some metaphysical research I am doing on the inner landscape. My thoughts lately are heavily influenced by the work of Paul Stamet an Terrance McKenna as well as other botanists.
The deeper thought process I am circling… true madness
Assertion: The inner landscape[e is just as physical and tied to Time as the physical reality. Time will always move because of gravity, we cannot NOT move forward in space (and thus time) unless there is a singularity and we are it. Else there is something, somewhere that attracts us or repels us. But… On the inside, it is not linear. It is fractal. Your memories are literally the key to time travel. You are in charge of the direction in space ad time your thoughts take you. You are not bound by the movement of the Earth. To be truly Still, you must go inside.
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