Today’s ablution

I once after coming back from some difficult but not life threatening maneuvers to train against the threat of Ivan Drago pouring through the Fulda gap.  Now the boom shelters to us as kids was just where we went to watch movies on Thursdays down in the basement of the school which was by the way built to withstand a nuclear blast since we were close to a Depot.  Anywho we didn’t play duck and cover like they do in the memories from fallout games, we just knew where the shelters were and we knew where the block mothers were so that if shoot went down we knew where to rally.

Anyway I was drunk.  We didn’t play duck and cover when I was a kid but or first during point was IN the motor pool.  We weren’t meant to make it.  Just hold the line.

Anyway I was drunk, at which many of the stories from this memory space all eventually arrive.  I was very drunk as we had worked very hard and shoot many explosives and killed many imaginary Ivan’s.  It was all idea space.  We had imaginations and could go hang bang you’re dead like when we’re kids.

Anyway I was really drunk which, actually, a lot of these stories also get to my roommate woke me up yelling at me to cut it the fuck out, psycho fuck! Which I’m guess worked in my favor since I was pissing in his boots and clearly in a state of easy ass kicking.l, and he just yelled at me.


I CLEARLY deserved an ass kicking.  I did not get it.  That is quite lucky for me.  I can try to count as many of these instances as I can.  I’ve s few.  They are fuel for forgiveness I think.

Anyway what I’m saying is I got no right to get mad at a dog what shit on my floor cuz I left the door shut.

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