31st December 2022

What a roundoff!

Hannah had to go to the hospital in Skye – Gallbladder again. Came home and had to go back to Dr. Grays. They are finally going to do something and take it out. She’s in agony.  Chris has flu and is signed off for a week.  I’m left with a hacking cough after Covid. Now I’m having tests for hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease.  Julian is ok considering his alcoholism and Mavis is plodding along. Mavis has her licence to drive back after her eye test. Duncan has passed his theory test – thank God at last! David has no job and has been for a camera down his throat, he’s ok apparently except for no job. He’s asked Hannah for money for the fish tank. She gave him £150. He came round to say that Beth couldn’t cope with the dogs anymore and that he was going to take them. I said he needs to sort it out and get Jill’s ashes dealt with too.  2023 surely can’t be any worse, can it?

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