Friday 23 Sept 2022

Lazy morning. Did housework, and 4 loads of washing. Texting David. He’s hopefully got an interview for a Farm Manager job up here. I’ve helped out with his cover letter. He said he would call but it got to 12, then I realised he wasn’t going to make it.

Had to go to town for a 2nd Optician appointment. Eye pressure back down to 21. I have no idea what that means but she said it was ok.  Took Mavis and dropped her in town while I was in. Had to park miles away so left her in town while I went to get the car back and pick her up. She’s 87 and can’t walk far.  Anyway, I’m driving onto the town centre road and she’s literally 5 feet beyond the white line. There’s another car driving towards me and this suit is frantically waving his arms out of his window screaming “One way, one way!”  Unaware, I  lowered my window and flashed the blue badge at him. Still not satisfied, he continued to scream “it’s still fucking one way!” I tell him I’m going to turn around and he drives off. I pick Mavis up and we drive home. I’m shaking with anxiety. I get home and I’m still shaking, crying, etc. I don’t do conflict on any level. I manage to recover.

Ju gets home and we have to go sort out the harrow chains in the field. He’s knackered as usual.

TV, Work (my Staff Review is coming up so I have to fill in the paperwork), and bed by 8.

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