Sunday 27th November 2022

Doors on. £500 labour, 2 of them for one day.

A giant fish tank arrives. Hannah needs to clean it out. David is wanting £500 for it, but he’ll have to have the cash monthly.

Julian’s blood sugar is still 17, so he phones NHS24. Was on hold for about 30 minutes. No nurses are available so gets through to someone else. He needs his ketones checked.

Me and Mavis went to Brodie to meet Chris and give him his decorating clothes and the wee table. He says he’s going to the pool for the jacuzzi.

Horses need water and hay so I do that and see the hosepipe is broken and leaking. That’s a job for tomorrow. It’s dark now and I’m tired.

Julian’s blood sugar is back to 12 by 4 pm.

Nothing achieved today

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