Back Again after an extended break.



Finally, I return to my favorite place since 2000 when I started this diary.  I had lost tract of it, then couldn’t remember the password or title when I came across it. I see there have been changes made which I like. I wonder if I can go back and change any thing with prevous entries. 

Today is the 2nd year anniversary  of my brother Gary’s passing.  Last night I was sorting old home movies from the 90’s and came across one of him singing a beautiful song while I was there for a two week visit.  He was 36 then and died at age 56 years old. I posted it at my FaceBook site. I see his grown children watched it and were please by the notes left.

I turned 64 in January and bought a nexus 7 Android tablet which I am enjoying using every minute.  My 3 year old grandson tried to take it over when he visits.  I think he is addicted to the games alread!  It has the net on it, email, documents you can toggle between it and the computer.  I have also downloaded several free books so far.  There are many free games I enjoy playing.  I love the "notes" feature as I am a big note keeper. That way I can write notes for here and transfer them later if i want. 

I hope I can reconnect with some of my former followers. I  had many in the beginning, when I was writing my Memoir.  I had hoped to make it into a book by now, but I don’t have the kind of money it takes.  However,  I know of someone else that might take it on as a college project.  I plan to cover the 53 years from 1949 to 2006, ending with the passing of my mother.  I have changed the title also using the word, "tender years lost" in the subtitle.  My sister was working on her life story when she was killed by a it and run driver.  She had titled it Tender Years Lost. My subtitle will read "A memior of tender years lost and inner-strength gained."  I have completed the cover for the book and working on getting it copyrighted.  It will cover my tender years and of being rescued many times from harm’s way, before the adoption from an orphanage to 53 years later when my birth mother is in her late 70’s and needs rescuing out of harm’s way. an additional chapter will be an Epilog covering a few lose ends and loss of dear ones and how I came to forgive all that had an inpact on my life.   

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March 14, 2023

Yesterday’s Child

Tender Years Lost

As Patricia