Part Two-Yesterday’s Child

 I have a 11 year old diary under Yesterday’s Child at another site.

It is subtitled Tender Years Lost and  Recovery. I may have to pick up where if I can’t make more entries at the old site which I last wrote on shortly after losing a brother in Feb. 2011, the 6th.


This diary covers a span of 53 years between 1949 and 2006 as far as the Memoir goes which is in story form. It is about my life as an adopted child after a series of 12 foster homes and an orphanage. Later I am abused in the new home. My life spirals out of control for years both from forces out of my control and by my own hand and the  I made later on.


I eventually find my birth family which adds more drama to my life as I continue a relationship with the mother and many siblings born after I was adopted out. Forty-two years have passed since that Christmas reunion in 1970.


There are entries other than the main account of my life in memoir form, ending in 2006 at the time of my birth mother’s death, the last of the four parents that played role in my life. The goal of many years of therapy was to come to a point of acceptance and forgiveness. Add to that, the inner-strength to go back in time and forward to do what was the right thing to do in 2003. I was rescued as a baby and young child many times and now it was time for me to be the rescuer.






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February 3, 2013

This is a note to myself about logging in. peat

March 14, 2023

Does anyone remember my site?

Or how to get to it where let entry is 2006 about losing birth .mother