Submerged In A Sea of Groceries

Last night as I was shopping for groceries I was lost in my mind. I felt as If I was underwater. I wasn’t drowning, just submerged. Everything was muffled I couldn’t make out voices, I couldn’t see faces, I couldn’t read the labels on the packages.

At the moment I know I’m done she’ll send some heartbreaking text. Always something about how she still loves me and how she wants the best for me out of life. I have flashbacks to the good moments. I can see her at the bathroom sink standing nude getting ready for work. I walk up behind her, wrap my arms around her and give her shoulders some kisses. She gets ticklish and buries her head in her shoulder next to mine, as she flashes a smile. I become defenseless.

I’m not going to lie, I miss her sometimes. That being said I know what’s best for her and myself. It’s really not fair to anyone to be in a relationship where fighting is a constant. Maybe if she would have been a little older things might have worked but she’s not.

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April 24, 2018

That’s so difficult, but it sounds as though you’re making a good decision.

April 24, 2018

Omg I was JUST archiving my old entries into chapters (it’s gonna take a while), and reading about me and my ex… We are good friends now, but soooo many obvious red flags about how we just didn’t belong together that way. It was hard because neither one of us was a bad person, but we just didn’t fit, and we kept trying to anyway, which caused so many fights.